Monthly Archives: September 2011

Tile Art 101


This marks the first post in this blog dedicated to the art of ceramic tile making. In the posts to come I will look back at the history of ceramic mosaics as well as explore the many creative ways tile and tile art is being used today. I will post public and private art installations, offer tips to create, install and preserve tile art works and feature tutorials on the process of hand made tile mosaic creation.

I personally employ a technique of tile mural creation that closely resembles the effect of stained glass. In the process of “wet cut mosaic” a sheet of raw clay becomes the canvas upon which the design is drawn. The wet clay is cut into hundreds of pieces, which are hand cleaned, embellished or incised, fired, glazed and then fired a final time. Unlike tile murals that utilize a traditional square tile format, usually on commercially purchased tiles, each piece of my artwork becomes a compelling and important piece of the overall design. The myriad of pieces are then reassembled, not unlike a giant jigsaw puzzle, and then installed into finished form.I have been creating custom tile murals one piece at a time since 1989.